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Sep 19, 2017

Let it burn!

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we untangle the latest GOP health care bill for those who are perplexed.  There is a way conservatives can secure a positive outcome from this bill, but for very different reasons than those intended by the GOP establishment.  Far from fixing the insurance market, this bill will continue the current trajectory and prices will continue to go up while competition will not be able to materialize.  But at this point, given that the individual mandate will be repealed and we can evacuate from this system, that might be a good thing!  The result might be better than fixing insurance; it might lead to a chain of events that solve the actual health care problem.  

In this show, we review the core drivers behind health care inflation and how repealing the individual mandate could open an avenue to use the negative energy from Obamacare against this third-payer system and revitalize direct primary care. This is the discussion the politicians refuse to have, but once we are evacuated from the mandate, the market forces can force this reality.  


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We will never have U.K.-style single payer, but cartel is fine with hybrid

Sep 18, 2017

As we celebrate the 230th anniversary of the Constitution, we are confronted with the jarring reality that are representative republic has disappeared.  We live in a judicial autocracy.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we delve into the stolen sovereignty of the American voter at the hands of the unelected courts and how they have breached the constitutional firewall of separation of powers.  In a republic, the power must be derived from the people, but in the contemporary practice of our politics, all power resides in the courts or unelected bureaucracies.  Then the elected officials also disenfranchise us by lying to get elected and then doing the exact opposite when in office.  Trump was elected to reverse this trend but in many respects, he is the ultimate force for disenfranchisement.  He feeds us political morphine on twitter while sitting idly when his liberal administration nullifies his campaign promises.

We explore the latest news on immigration, the runaway courts, and how judicial amnesty is the greatest threat to consent-based citizenship.  Meanwhile, Trump is bailing out the establishment in Alabama from an impending defeat.  We count a number of other ways Trump is hurting, not helping, our effort to shake up Washington.      

Key Quotes

We may define a republic to be, or at least may bestow that name on, a government which derives all its powers directly or indirectly from the great body of the people, and is administered by persons holding their offices during pleasure, for a limited period, or during good behavior. It is ESSENTIAL to such a government that it be derived from the great body of the society, not from an inconsiderable proportion, or a favored class of it; otherwise a handful of tyrannical nobles, exercising their oppressions by a delegation of their powers, might aspire to the rank of republicans, and claim for their government the honorable title of republic. - James Madison, Federalist #39

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Trump’s amnesty will give Democrats permanent majority

How the people have been cut out from foreign policy, in contravention to the Constitution  

Sep 13, 2017

Ryan and McConnell handed control of Congress to the Democrats a long time ago.  But that is no excuse for Trump to hand over the presidential veto pen and the executive personnel and policies to the Democrats as well.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we explore all the current issues – from the pursuit of amnesty and budget betrayals to our backwards foreign policy – to demonstrate how Republicans are operating solely within the confines of the Democrat premise on every single issue.  The Democrat wish is their command.  Now with Schumer and Pelosi playing footsies with Trump, conservatives are completely cut out.  We face a greater threat of losing the immigration issue than ever before thanks to Trump getting conservatives to support amnesty. 

This is why it is insane for the conservative media to give Trump a pass and not pressure him to change his ways.  Giving excuses and shielding him from blame will only further incentivize this behavior and ensure that conservatives are disenfranchised.   

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GOP to give Dems Obamacare AND SCHIP

Mattis and McMaster are giving Iran more than they could dream of

Trump could shut off refugees, but he wont  

Sep 11, 2017

9/11 is certainly a time to reflect on the sacrifice of the victims of the greatest terror attack on our soil.  But it is also a time, particularly after 16 years of policy failures, to reflect on the root public policy narrative of 9/11: the fundamental job of the federal government and the failures to properly execute it. 

At its core, the job of the government is to protect the security and interests of the American people first – before any other interest, irrespective of where the truth of those policies takes us.  Sadly, the same political correctness that led to 9/11 is still in place, and even worse in some ways.  The best way to honor the legacy of Flight 93 and other heroes of 9/11, from a public policy standpoint, is to ensure that the government does everything it can not just to prevent another 9/11 from occurring but to always place the security of the American people above all else.  

In this special episode of the Conservative Conscience, we bring in Jordan Schachtel, CR’s national security correspondent, to survey the lay of the land 16 years later.  We go through our immigration system, domestic Islamic subversion and backwards foreign policy and military strategy that has left us more vulnerable now than before 9/11.  It is all rooted in the fact that our politicians no longer represent our interests.  They place political correctness and personal relationships above all else. 

It’s time to change course and we offer a list of dos and don’ts for immigration and foreign policy that will re-align our policies with the interests of the American people.

Let’s roll!  

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How Trump can shut off refugee scam this week  

Congress unanimously passed bill barring visas from terror countries. It was never followed.

Saudis reportedly funded dry run practice of 9/11

16 Years later, we still don’t recognize the problem

Sep 8, 2017

This has been the most brutal week of the year for conservatives.  Like the supposed hero turning on the people who elected him, Trump is grounding and pounding conservatives on one issue after another – from budgets, debt, and building the wall, to foreign policy, immigration, and Planned Parenthood.  Orwell could not have written a plot or narrative with a greater degree of perfidy at its core.

Between the relentless attack on our culture, sovereignty, security, and society from the courts and Trump now becoming a Democrat, conservatives have no voice in Washington or anywhere in power.  We go through the budget betrayal, the significance of the debt ceiling, and the depth of perfidy on perverted priorities regarding immigration.  Towards the end of the show, we give an update on the Alabama Senate race and a look at next week.  The only hope is to first recognize the truth and slay the false idols we’ve been supporting until now.      

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The art of the kneel: Schumer is now president

The disgusting bailout of the insurance cartel

Getting our priorities straight on immigration  

Sep 6, 2017

We have a bipolar presidency that has ensured Trump is the PINO- president in name only.  Three minutes after he says one thing in order to fulfil a campaign promise, he follows up by saying or doing the opposite.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss the late breaking budget betrayal whereby Trump has given Pelosi everything Democrats wanted – and then some.  He has given them the debt ceiling, every budget priority, and most insidiously, is tying it to Harvey relief funding.  There is more acrimony than ever before in politics, yet the two parties agree on everything when it counts.  Trump was elected to change the culture of capitulation, yet he has doubled down on it.   We are now incurring the lowest common denominator of the liabilities from both Trump and the GOP congressional leaders.  This was evident as well with the immigration announcement and the multiple positions Trump took to undermine our messaging.   

While there is a lot of doom and gloom, we must first recognize the severity of the problem and slay the false idols before we rebuild, discover the truth, and return to God. 

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Trump agrees to “always automatically” raise the debt ceiling    

New Strategy in Afghanistan? Apologize to Muslims

A bipolar president? Trump promises to re-enact amnesty

Sep 5, 2017

What you are seeing this week with the clamor by both parties to pander to illegal aliens is the most profound violation of the most foundational tenet of the social compact.  The job of government officials is to protect the American people from open borders and the ill effects of illegals, not to focus on illegals first and only. 

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, you will hear the side of the debate over the so-called “dream” amnesty that you will never get from the political class.  What about the ill effects of illegal immigration on Americans and the urgency to address their needs before those of illegal aliens?  Not only is it the moral thing to do, it is the sacred responsibility of any elected official, deeply rooted in the social contract.

The political class seems to have forgotten the lessons from California and Arizona and the destruction wrought on this country by illegal aliens.  Not only is amnesty not the job of our government, it is the source of the incentives that continue to break our borders.  How is it moral to give amnesty before securing the border and cutting off the magnets?  


Every society from a great nation down to a club had the right of declaring the conditions on which new members should be admitted, there can be room for no complaint.—Gouvernour Morris, at the Constitutional Convention  



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$296 billion in refundable tax credits for illegals

Illegals cost taxpayers $750 billion over their lifetime

My podcast from last September on the perverse sense of morality with amnesty

Aug 31, 2017

The reason the left is so successful is because they hijack every cultural institution within western democracies and use their incumbent power to engage in civil disobedience by delegitimizing laws, traditions, and common sense policy ideas.  The use their stewardship and  control over the failed status quo to threaten instability in order to perpetuate the most insane ideas and block common sense morality.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we lay it all on the line – going through immigration, Obamacare, foreign policy, and the courts to show how the left and the fake DC conservative elites have successfully paralyzed any opposition and what we can do about it.  They speak to the morality of their immorality and are willing to do and say anything to enshrine their agenda immutably.  We need to learn from their conviction and speak to the morality of our ideas and be willing to follow through with them unflinchingly.   But in order to do that we need a new party and movement with the intellectual and moral clarity and consistency to enact these ideas.  Which ideas and how do we succeed?  We touch on this, the emerging judicial emergency with crazy judges, and more!  


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Kings on the bench: rogue judge declares Texas a sanctuary state

Kelly and liberal staff using moral and stability arguments to promote immoral and illegal amnesty

Scalia warned about the courts twisting immigration and sovereignty beyond belief

Obama’s 3rd term: 7 ways Trump is keeping Obama’s backwards foreign policy  

Aug 28, 2017

With every conservative now pushed out of this administration, it is essentially Obama’s third term on most aspects of foreign policy.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we dissect the essence of this administration’s foreign policy and prove that Obama’s dyslexic foreign policy priorities are continuing.  We suck heavy resources down the drains of Islamic civil wars while refusing to use soft power where it is more effective.  We are helping our enemies with our own military while alienating allies.  We are threatening to cut off aid to Sisi in Egypt while continuing aid to Lebanese [Hezbollah] military and to UNRWA.  We are doing more for Iran than they could possibly pay us for, yet we are doing it for free and with the lives and resources of our military. 

At the same time, Trump is allying with Erdogen and dumping on the Kurds, while promoting the unreliable Afghani government.  One could not possibly conjure up a more backwards foreign policy.  And as we demonstrate, the generals are just as much a part of the problem, several of whom are now in civilian leadership.   

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Why the Afghanistan strategy doesn’t add up

Trump admin refused to cut $300 million to Pro-Hamas UN Agency, but cuts off aid to Egypt  

General admits we are helping Iran and Hezbollah Brigades in Iraq

Aug 25, 2017

Policy doesn’t fit on a bumper sticker.  This is doubly true for Afghanistan. Those who unquestionably support the effort to double-down on the current Afghanistan disaster while saying this is somehow a new strategy are not paying attention to what’s going on in the theater.  In this blockbuster episode of the Conservative Conscience, we invite Capt. Jarrin Jackson to discuss the reality on the ground in Afghanistan.  Using his war stories as a company commander during the height of the previous surge, he demonstrates why, by definition, what we are likely to do is more dangerous and costly nation building that needlessly risks the lives of our troops in pursuit of a utopian goal.

While the president’s address was clearly aimed at appeasing conservatives by focusing on counter-terrorism and not nation building, the conditions were too ambiguous.  And given that the generals and the administration staff implementing this policy are all part of the problem, we are headed for the same results as the 2011 surge. 

Jarrin, who is running for Congress, left the military because he was so frustrated about the political and military leadership not putting our interests first, following the Constitution, and having the proper regard for the lives of the troops under their command.   

Key quote:

Today’s generals are more political than politicians.” ~ Jarrin Jackson 

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3 questions the president should ask his generals  

Aug 21, 2017

Steve Bannon, the great solar eclipse, and Flight 93, oh my!  We cover it all and you will see  how it ties together. 

Following the departure of Steve Bannon, there is really nothing left for anyone on the right in this administration – whether you are a constitutionalist or someone who just wants to drain the swamp.  Sure, Trump will continue to tantalize us with his rhetoric but there are literally no personnel left in the administration to sustain those views. 

Now is the time to unite behind an exciting an innovative platform and set of principles that are built upon our timeless constitutional values, albeit applied in a way that relates to a broad array of the country to confront today’s challenges.  We conclude by discussing how to go about starting a new party.  

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The flight 93 essay that I believe was wrong and right on certain points

The personnel in this administration have no plans to leave and are the worst of the swamp

Wake up: The Trump revolution is over

Aug 17, 2017

Why is it that we see the rise of a phony alt-right movement and the media obsession with it?  Well, those conservatives who are so obsessed with criticizing it are responsible for its rise.  The vacuum left by a truly constitutional movement that actually believes in fighting for what it espouses, rather than collecting website clicks and money, would have preempted the rise of such a movement.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss how the conservative “smart set” ignoring Judge Roy Moore is emblematic of what is wrong with them and why the Republican voters turned away from their brand.  It’s why some people are unfortunately attracted to some voices that might identify the problems accurately but are headed in the wrong direction.  When confronted with a destructive cultural Marxist agenda, the phony conservative movement did nothing to counter it with Godly and constitutional principles.  Thus, our side wants a revolution.  Some of us want an American revolution, but sadly many will be attracted to a French Revolution because they are so desperate for leadership.  Support for a man like Roy Moore offers a true opportunity to stand beyond this false dichotomy of the status quo or a French Revolution, yet these people who say they want something more than Trump refused to stand with him.  

Key Quote

"We must be good again before we can be great. And we will never be good again without God." ~ Judge Roy Moore

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The dumb and dangerous war on monuments

The entire Democrat Party is now the alt left

Poll: voters overwhelmingly reject ripping out monuments

Aug 14, 2017

Once again, we have another tragedy in this country that becomes a political football.  Everything, from tragedies and mayhem to sports and weather must become political.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss the solution to reconciliation in this country: localism.  Because everything is dealt with on a federal level and because we have such a polarized country, everything has become a flashpoint, even issues or events that would otherwise stand above politics.  By restructuring our system of government to federalism we will be able to self-sort and enjoy self-government to each group’s linking in their respective areas while preserving national unity on the issues that need to be dealt with at a federal level, such as combating North Korea.       

Key quotes

“The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected.

The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State. The operations of the federal government will be most extensive and important in times of war and danger; those of the State governments, in times of peace and security. As the former periods will probably bear a small proportion to the latter, the State governments will here enjoy another advantage over the federal government. The more adequate, indeed, the federal powers may be rendered to the national defense, the less frequent will be those scenes of danger which might favor their ascendancy over the governments of the particular States.” ~ James Madison, Federalist 45

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Outline of how to fight North Korea

Left-wing government doesn’t enforce law against violent protesters

Trump’s amnesty is a bigger problem than any twitter statement

Aug 10, 2017

No, Mr. President, the 60-vote threshold did not prevent you from supporting conservatives in Alabama, from firing McMaster, from ending the Iran deal, from getting rid of DACA, or from signing bad budgets and debt ceilings.  Trump doesn’t need to get rid of the filibuster to stop taking in the refugees or to reject Australia’s refugee deal.  The point is there is so much the president can do unilaterally to match his rhetoric and campaign promises with actions, but sometimes he is just his own worst enemy. 

In this action-packed episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss everything from the Alabama Senate race and McMaster to Trump continuing Obama’s multiple amnesty programs.  On issue after issue, Trump can accomplish so much if he just hired personnel that shared his campaign vision.

Finally, we discuss a vision for dealing with North Korea and how it fits into our broader foreign policy and military mistakes.  We have wasted so much time, money, hardware, lives, deterrent, and political capital by getting involved in endless sinkholes refereeing Islamic civil wars in the Middle East.  This has hurt our deterrent and resolve to use our military for when it is needed most –  to combat or deter conventional threats from nation states like China, North Korea, and Iran when they directly threaten our interests.  The Islamic Jihad issue (minus Iran) is mainly an immigration, intelligence, counter-terrorism, and values problem, not a military problem.  The military needs to be re-oriented to deal with military threats.  Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan do not qualify.  Further involvement there just hurts our deterrent against China and North Korea, which we will have to confront sooner or later.     

**Please fill-out this survey on our podcast so we can help grow this great audience and spread the truth**

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ZOA’s case against McMaster

Why Trump’s defense of McMaster is indefensible

Trump’s swims with the swamp in Alabama

Trump’s negotiation tactic with North Korea is good. He should apply it to Schumer  

Aug 8, 2017

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we first tackle the importance of firing H.R. McMaster and how Trump is his own worst enemy when it comes to personnel and order in the White House.  We also delve into the opportunity we have for a new vision on immigration and health care but how it’s being squandered either by Trump’s distractions or by the rotten Republican leadership.

Finally, we discuss the race of the decade that is right on our doorstep – the Alabama Senate race.  Will conservatives take yes for an answer?  The stars appear to be aligning for Judge Roy Moore, but conservatives must prepare for a massive smear operation in the runoff.  If we can pull this off, it will represent the closest thing to starting a new party.  This is a man who is actually everything in practice what we tout in rhetoric.   


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Poll Showing Roy Moore way ahead and by far the most liked candidate

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Why the Raise Act is true immigration reform

The English language and assimilation  

Jews can’t build synagogue in Sydney because…Muslims!

Aug 3, 2017

Solutions, solutions, solutions!  The fight for freedom in health care doesn’t have to end with failure to repeal Obamacare.  We are joined by Rep. Jim Butler (R-OH), a one-man think tank on health care, who shares with us some of the reforms to health care (not just insurance) he is pushing for in Ohio – reforms that can be replicated on a federal level.

Why should insurance companies and hospitals, which are propped up by every tool of government, be allowed to price fix and not have to send their charges to individuals before a service is rendered? This reform alone would apply market forces to health care and solve much of the problem.  The hospital cartel is fighting his law in court because they know it will end the scam of using taxpayer funds to price fix consumers out of the market.  They want to continue the venture socialist racket of using the statutory, regulatory, subsidy benefits from the government in order to box out competition and consumer demand.    

Show links

A Medicaid reform that would help EVERYONE (except lobbyists)

Vox video on hospitals failing to disclose their prices for a simple baby delivery

Aug 3, 2017

The media and the political cartel are lying to you about our true history, traditions, values, laws, and priorities on immigration.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we explore our true history of immigration based on my book, Stolen Sovereignty.  The left has it exactly backwards.  We have NEVER done what we are doing today on immigration.  Quite the contrary, what Stephen Miller and Tom Cotton are proposing on immigration is exactly how both parties felt about the issue until recently.  We recount the full history of our immigration system and establish a list of principles that can guide us today.  

We also address the dustup between White House aide Stephen Miller and CNN’s Jim Acosta over the history and meaning of the Emma Lazarus’s poem on the Statue of Liberty.  It’s purpose was the exact opposite of what the left uses it for and the laws and traditions in place at the time it was affixed to the Statue of Liberty are living proof.         


Show links

Glenn Beck tells the truth about the Emma Lazarus Poem

Jeff Sessions is the only member of the cabinet putting points on the board

Jeff Flake is how we got Trump

Rubio and Bush supported (at least in word) what Trump and Cotton are proposing on immigration

McMaster firing more conservatives

Jul 31, 2017

Anyone who doesn’t see the need for a new party by now is either not paying attention to the most basic facts on the ground or is not in this field for the right reasons.  Now it’s time to explore a path to starting a new party, a party that will not only serve as a home for the conservative base but one that can even convert the growing numbers of disenchanted Democrat voters.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we begin plotting such a course. 


Also, what happens when conservatives actually focus on what’s important and demand action from Trump on our priorities? He actually listens. After we called for him to cut off the bailout for the insurance cartel and for Congress, Trump has immediately turned his focus to that endeavor.  Now conservatives must follow through and make sure Trump and those around him actually enact our plan.


Finally, we lament the missed opportunity to argue true holistic health care reform from a position of strength.  Ultimately, we need a new party because we can never place in the hearts and minds of people who fundamentally don’t share our values the ability to articulate our views.   


Show notes:

The judicial war on God and prayer and how Republicans don’t care

Mr. President, Twitter is not a policy outcome

GOP: party of transgenderism and Medicaid

A critique of the conservative media

Jul 28, 2017

Where is the Uber and Amazon of medical care?

Well, on this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we are joined by Dr. Kevin Smith, co-founder of the Oklahoma Surgery Center, the closest thing to Uber within the medical profession.  In a very engaging and wide ranging discussion, the type of health care discussion we are missing in Washington, Dr. Smith shares his secret to reducing costs and improving quality of care.  By cutting out the administrative costs, the burdens, and regulations of the price-fixing insurance cartel and government programs, he has been able to reduce the cost of surgeries to as little as 10-50% of the entire cost of services elsewhere. 

The free market, cutting out the middle man, and circumventing government intervention have a funny way of bringing down costs and spurring innovation.  Dr. Smith offers top-notch medical care at below the charge of the universally repudiated Medicaid reimbursement rate.  Debunking the lies of the insurance/hospital cartel about the impossibility of presenting readable medical prices to the consumer, Dr. Smith has revolutionized price transparency in the medical profession.  And his prices are the same as they were 9 years ago…yet his business is thriving and patients are loving it.  He’s also leading a movement to help others in the profession replicate his model and foster competition.  Who loses?  The cartel and big government folks. 

Dr. Smith also breaks down the hospital-cartel scam and how they use preferential treatment from government to rip off the consumer, stifle competition and innovation, and run-up the cost of taxpayer-funded programs. 

If every health care provider operated like the Oklahoma Surgery Center and all health insurance operated like health sharing ministries, we would solve the health care problem in America overnight, end the debt crisis, and rediscover a new generation of innovation and life-saving care.    


Show links

Free Market Medical Association

Time Magazine profile on Oklahoma Surgical Center

It’s time for single payer….the consumer to the provider

Jul 24, 2017

In today’s special episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss the one element missing from this endless health care debate…health care.


A special guest, Dr. Kevin Wacasey, a successful health care provider who has written two books on the economics of health care, joins us to cut through the clutter of the Obamacare debate and identify the root cause of health care inflation on the supply side.  He demonstrates how it’s not the cost of health care that is outrageous, but the charges for health care.   The source of that problem?  The government and the insurance cartel, which is propped up by government.  Were we to get third-party payer out of our system, prices would come down dramatically.  The root of the government/cartel success in distorting our market and conflating health care with medical insurance is their publicly-funded myth that health care is inherently expensive without their product.  In fact, it is expensive only because of their product, which is sponsored by government regulations, subsidies, and mandates. 

Dr. Wacasey believes that Americans are being hurt by the role that the health insurance industry plays in maintaining our restrictive, reactive, and overpriced health care system. He wants to change health care by changing the way you think about health care, because you – as patients – have the greatest impact on what needs to be done.  He offers our listeners advice on how to shop around for health care, even in this very limited market system.


Show links


Trump continues illegal bailout for insurers and Congress

Dr. Wacasey’s two must-read books: : 'The Guide to Buying Health Insurance, and Health Care;' and 'Healthcareonomics 101: 500 Ways You’re Being Ripped Off By The Health Insurance, and Health Care Industries

Follow Dr. Wacasey at, twitter at @HConomics, or at his Facebook page Healthcareonomics.

Jul 20, 2017

When will our politicians finally discuss health care in the debate over…health care?  How much longer will our future health care be held hostage to the crony insurance cartel and government?

In this special episode of the Conservative Conscience, we let it all out on the line and present a way to repeal Obamacare without actually repealing the law but by rendering it moot.  Through price transparency reform and cost sharing associations, we not only solve the Obamacare problem, but the entire health care problem that predated the ACA.  These reforms are so much easier to message and will actually make the entire industry function like a real market.  Most importantly, it will cut out the need for third parties and government and their ability to destroy and distort the health care market.  Let’s move beyond the semantics of repealing Obamacare, which is not happening anyway and actually pursue these foundational reforms that will restore the consumer as king and make Obamacare non-existent.   

Show links

The power of insurance cartel is evident with Trump embracing the bailout

Testimonials from members of the AAPS on how direct care and cutting out insurance cartel lowers costs and improves care

The plan to save health care in America

Jul 17, 2017

In what seems like a quiet beginning of the work week, there is actually a lot going on.  Republicans in Congress and this administration are betraying conservatives on an array of issues, yet the conservative media is bankrupt and refuses to even focus on what’s important.  By not informing conservative voters about these betrayals, the conservative media shields Republicans from the requisite pressure needed to affect the policy outcomes they all claim to support.  

We start off the show giving a vision of how to get around the Obamacare impasse by cutting out the insurance/government complex and going straight to health CARE itself.  Time to cut out the middle man and reduce the cost of health care on the supply side by putting the consumer back in the driver’s seat.  Let the government and the big insurance lobbyists eat crow. 

Next, we discuss a series of policy betrayals from Republicans in Congress – from promoting transgenderism and global warming in the military to allowing illegal aliens to seek government jobs. 

Finally, we focus on some of the latest policy betrayals in this administration: from certifying the Iran deal to bringing in more low skilled workers. 

When will the conservative media wake up and actually do their job?  The Republican Party will never change unless Republican voters demand it.  But they will never demand such change if they are not made aware of what is going on in Washington.   

Show links

McMaster Outlines Hillary Clinton–Like Approach to Certification of Iran Nuclear Deal

Trump admin brings in 15,000 more low skilled workers

Naked men in female showers in the military

The courts are destroying our sovereignty and immigration policies  

Illegal aliens allowed to seek government employment
Congress wants a transgender military that fights the weather but…

Not a military that identifies Islamic threat

Jul 13, 2017

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we dissect why it’s not only immoral for conservatives to continue focusing on defending every dumb thing Republicans do (simply because the Democrats are “worse”), but also strategically dumb.  If we want to get Russia out of the news, the Trump administration and the conservative movement must focus on numerous policy issues that will place the media on defense and change the narrative to where we want the plays to go rather than going to where they are leading us.   

We explore some of the details on the Russia scandal and demonstrate why it’s better to focus on what we actually can defend and advocate for on key policy issues than very murky and troubling relationships.  Plus, focusing on solid conservative accomplishments is the best way to get Russia out of the headlines anyway.  We end with some quick updates on health care and immigration. 

Show links:

Andy McCarthy article on the difference between illegal and wrong

McConnell fighting conservatives in Alabama Senate race

Is Trump’s amnesty leading to a resurgence in border crossings?

Trump’s Secretary of State makes a mockery of his Warsaw speech  

Tillerson loves the Iran deal

Jul 10, 2017

President Trump gave a terrific speech in Warsaw, Poland on the shared values of Western Civilization and its clash with the Islamic world.  The problem is, much like with domestic policy, the specific policy outcomes and the personnel of this administration don’t match up with the rhetoric of the president himself.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we develop a theme of how Trump’s conservative rhetoric is often voided out by policy outcomes from liberal advisors and cabinet members. Particularly as it relates to national security and understanding the clash of civilizations, Trump’s National Security Council, headed by H.R. McMaster, is rowing the boat in the exact opposite direction.  We discuss some of the specific policy dichotomies between the NSC staff and the president and how conservatives must not get distracted by rhetoric.  They must demand action, as Trump himself said during his Inaugural Address.

No issue embodies the departure of Trump from his Inaugural Address than his embrace of the ethanol lobby. We explain how Trump embracing the ethanol mandate is a colossal missed opportunity to harness his populist agenda in a way that helps consumers and improves free markets.  We also explain how Trump’s rhetoric and campaign promises on Obamacare deviated from his actions.  The moral of the story is, once Trump delivers a good speech, work for conservatives has only begun.    

Key Quotes:

“We will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action – constantly complaining but never doing anything about it.  The time for empty talk is over.  Now arrives the hour of action.” ~ President Trump, Inaugural Address

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Jul 5, 2017

What is it we are celebrating this week?  How far have we deviated from our founding values expressed in the Declaration of Independence?

In this special episode of the Conservative Conscience, we break down six key principles referenced in the Declaration of Independence.  Anyone who fully understands the 201 words of the preamble should have no problems discerning the right course of action on almost every policy issue.  While the world around us has changed dramatically over the past 241 years, these foundational principles are self-evident truths that will never change.

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