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Jun 22, 2017

Despite the craziness of the GOP, they still managed to win the Georgia special election.  That is how badly swing voters still don’t want Pelosi’s policies.  So why won’t Republicans use this mandate to move in the opposite direction?


In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we dissect the message from the recent slew of special elections and how it provides an opportunity for Republicans to energize their base by offering the country a new direction.  Yet, from Obamacare and immigration to fiscal policy, the courts, and foreign policy, Republicans are keeping the status quo. 


We also delve into the details of the horrendous Obamacare bailout bill that is making Jonathan Gruber proud.


There are also some issues going on in the courts that are killing our sovereignty.  


Key quotes:


During his inaugural address, Trump inveighed against do-nothing politicians who are all talk and no action. Trump said: “We will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action, constantly complaining but never doing anything about it. The time for empty talk is over. Now arrives the hour of action. Do not allow anyone to tell you that it cannot be done.”


I couldn’t agree more, Mr. President.  So why is there all talk and no action except for the actions that contradict your rhetoric? 


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Jun 19, 2017

How is it that so many supposed conservatives are so credulous in the face of policy betrayals by Trump and Republicans that they fall for every distraction?  Sadly, this reveals a more uncomfortable reality that the modern conservative movement and conservative media don’t really stand for anything.  And as Alexander Hamilton warned, "Those who stand for nothing fall for anything."

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss the true consequences of Trump’s amnesty and how it violates the foundation of his campaign promise.  We also observe how the silence of conservative media is appalling and how there is no movement to demand that Republicans utilize their control of government for specific policy victories. In that light, we also lay out some opportunities for conservatives in the upcoming markup of the annual defense bill, an opportunity that will likely be lost on this fledgling movement. 

Finally, we tackle the concerns with Trump’s foreign policy and his further involvement in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, and Somalia, in complete violation of his campaign promises.  Yet, conservatives don’t seem to stand for anything other than not being the Democrats…even if we ironically adopt their policies!  


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Jun 15, 2017

The entire conservative media is focused on the endless rage against the liberal media and accusing them of fomenting violence.  But we all forget what we are even fighting for.  As we chronicle throughout the podcast and in our writings, there are a number of liberal policy outcomes emanating from this GOP Congress and administration, yet we are fighting over a bunch of nothing. 

The best way to fight back against the media?  Let’s actually enact the agenda for which they supposedly hate us!  Let’s start by pursuing a pro-gun agenda and immediately enacting a right-to-carry bill.  Stay in for the August recess and overwhelm the Left and the media with one policy victory after another.  This will have the effect of electrifying our base so that the Left is not the only side with intensity for the mid-term elections.  

We need more winning and less whining.

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Jun 13, 2017

Distraction, distractions, distractions.  By refusing to use the bully pulpit to promote a robust and bold conservative agenda, the Trump administration and much of the “conservative” movement is falling into the media trap.  We are focusing on what the media wants to discuss.  Why, instead, is nobody focusing on the fact that Trump is continuing the illegal amnesty of Obama?  Why is nobody focusing on the dozens of agenda items we’ve laid out at Conservative Review to drive the narrative and force the media to focus on what we think is important rather than us focusing on what they think is important?

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we focus on a number of forgotten issues – from the Saudi Arms deal and Trump’s amnesty to the crazy courts, Hezbollah operatives on our shores, and the GOP making Obamacare great again.    

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Jun 8, 2017

While every Clickservative is focused solely on Comey and Russia, we stand at a crossroads on so many issues.  From the debt ceiling, Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, foreign policy opportunities, Israel policy, budget betrayals, immigration, judicial reform, etc – there is no time to be wasted on nonsense.  Conservatives can raise their voices and demand change while the president is on the fence and we can seize these amazing opportunities. On the other hand, we can get distracted by nonsense and watch the shallow-state losers in this administration lead the president astray on every critical issue.  The choice is ours.  

Specifically, in this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we delve into three issues in depth – Dodd-Frank repeal, the debt ceiling, and how to use the Arab schism with Qatar, Iran, and the Muslim Brotherhood to our advantage. 

As of now, we are getting all the liabilities of cozying up to the Saudis (getting ensnared in Yemen, getting caught in Syria, the disastrous arms deal, throwing Israel under the bus), but not getting the benefits (going after the Muslim Brotherhood, abrogating the Iran deal, and stop fighting for Iran in Iraq). This is the difference between allying with one of your enemies against another (bad) and playing them both against each other for our benefit (good).

The lesson from all of this is that true conservatives have so much to talk about and run on in a principled and resonate fashion. We don’t need to focus on the media or what the media is focusing on all day.  And if conservatives would actually give such advice to the president, it would have a self-fulfilling effect of bailing him out of the media’s narratives and changing the discussion to substance over style, which always benefits our side.     


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Jun 5, 2017

Last Thursday, Trump fulfilled a major campaign promise in exiting the Paris climate disaster.  But he also confirmed a colossal betrayal in failing to move the Israel embassy to Jerusalem and continuing the maniacal negotiations with the PLO.  What gives?  Why did conservatives succeed in getting Trump in our camp on one issue and not the other?  The answer is simple: conservatives got in his face and made demands on the climate issue, but not on foreign policy.


In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss how conservatives must speak out and demand change from this administration, otherwise we won’t get it.  Trump has shown a sensitivity to conservative criticism, which is a good thing.  We should learn from the Paris success and use it for other issues.  The next issue must be immigration an homeland security. 


We explore Trump’s opportunity to regain momentum by giving a series of televised addresses and promoting a very specific immigration and homeland security agenda. 


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